Sunday, October 16, 2011

What If? A soil from garbage

I looked at the news of Texas being burned by fires. I looked at satellite images of North Africa turning brown. I read of people becoming refugees to wind and drought and famine, and I thought What If?

What If? I could turn garbage into soil? What If? I could take the refuse that is being handled wastefully and inefficiently and use it to heal the land? What if? the burned places could once again become lush, green and vibrant with both plant and animmal life?

What If? I could use the very sand that is ruining places as a substrate? What if? soil could be a manaufactured product? What if? we could eliminate deserts?

So the first part was to determine what it would take to change sand into soil. Then what garbages would be useful in what amounts. And could I use animal waste? Doggie poo? How about sewage? Yes, they all are wastes and the most efficient soil will be the one that makes use of all our wastes. I would neutralize the animal wastes and sewage with my Counter-Act (c) product which kills all the germs, bacteria and even viruses. It also netralizes smell.

Then, I will show how to combine the ingredients cheaply and efficiently. And then, I will grow grow something substantial from the product.

And I started. I am starting a soil factory. I plan on planting tulips. Why tulips? Tulips are the most recognized flower in the world. Tulips will be my symbol of garbage becoming soil and yielding new life.

And then, What if? the garbage of the world no longer goes to dumps, but to soil factories? And What if? later on, no dumps existed, but only tulip fields. And What if? those who live in dumps today could have new employment? Selling tulips to the world!!

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