Friday, October 21, 2011

What if? A new type of cookie

As I was walking along the corridors of the university, I saw a row of vending machines. The machines held a variety of cookies among other things. When I saw the cookies, I thought, "Wow, it would be nice to have milk and cookies." But there was no milk to be found, anywhere in that hallway, or the next; or in that building, or the next.

So I thought, What if? I could incorporate milk into a cookie? What if? I could make it stable so that it could be vended without refrigeration? And think of all the cookies which are eaten on any given day. What if? I could makes each cookie more wholesome? Added calcium, phosphorus, both bone-building nurtients. Added protein, and lipids. Protein builds all our tissues. Lipids help build the myelin sheath around each nerve and the majority of our brain matter.

So I invented two ways to incorporate milk into cookies. And then the trials, the lovely trials, in which I made these and then tasted them.

In the first trial, the dry components of non-fat milk are used. This makes a much nicer cookie than using just plain flour because the added protein tends to make a more moist cookie. I have used these trials to devise ways to make a much more nutritious flour. But that is for another post.

The second way has been to incorporate a much more condensed form of stabilized milk which is heat tolerant and survives baking. These cookies are the best!! But because they are so moist, they have a shorter shelf-life than the dry method.

I call these Cookies & Milk (c). I have been told to patent the recipe as soon as possible. I am also working on Brownies & Milk (c).

I have also received permission to make some and share with my laboratory classmates next month. Then they can post their comments here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What if? Fresh Ice

I was walking through a market along the aisle that sold fresh fish laid out on ice.

And it definitely smelled of fish. And the "fishy smell" comes from the interaction of air and the flesh of the fish, with the change caused by oxydation. Fresh fish, really fresh-from-the-lake fish don't smell.

So I thought What if?

What if? I could invent an ice that would not only keep things cold but fresh as well.

And so I invented it, Fresh Ice(c). This ice contains a powerful antioxidant in the form of a vitamin. This vitamin captures O2 from the air and turns it into water. And the oxidation does not happen. This would also be good for fresh fruits and vegetables by stopping the "dried out" look and taste. And it makes carbonated drinks really fizzy!

How did I decide how much to use? I started with the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and estimated that people may eat up to a pint (half liter) of ice per day. This vitamin has a wide range of recommended values (between minimum needed and the amount that may become excessive over time). So I made it so that even if someone was able to eat 6 gallons of ice in one day, they would still be within dosage range.

Then I decided to find this vitamin in a crystallized form. It is much easier to dissolve this way. Then make ice.

It does not cost very much to do. I have run the costs of adding the vitamin from the retail costs. But if an ice-making corporation decided to this, they could add a metering chamber and add this vitamin at wholesale cost on a continous basis in those ice-making machines.

So now, I offer the world, ice that not only keeps things cold, but keeps it fresh as well. This What if? has been answered by an invention on small scale. The next is to see it put to work on a larger scale. After all, that is what good ideas are for, an unlimited future for us all.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What If? A soil from garbage

I looked at the news of Texas being burned by fires. I looked at satellite images of North Africa turning brown. I read of people becoming refugees to wind and drought and famine, and I thought What If?

What If? I could turn garbage into soil? What If? I could take the refuse that is being handled wastefully and inefficiently and use it to heal the land? What if? the burned places could once again become lush, green and vibrant with both plant and animmal life?

What If? I could use the very sand that is ruining places as a substrate? What if? soil could be a manaufactured product? What if? we could eliminate deserts?

So the first part was to determine what it would take to change sand into soil. Then what garbages would be useful in what amounts. And could I use animal waste? Doggie poo? How about sewage? Yes, they all are wastes and the most efficient soil will be the one that makes use of all our wastes. I would neutralize the animal wastes and sewage with my Counter-Act (c) product which kills all the germs, bacteria and even viruses. It also netralizes smell.

Then, I will show how to combine the ingredients cheaply and efficiently. And then, I will grow grow something substantial from the product.

And I started. I am starting a soil factory. I plan on planting tulips. Why tulips? Tulips are the most recognized flower in the world. Tulips will be my symbol of garbage becoming soil and yielding new life.

And then, What if? the garbage of the world no longer goes to dumps, but to soil factories? And What if? later on, no dumps existed, but only tulip fields. And What if? those who live in dumps today could have new employment? Selling tulips to the world!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What if? A safer way of living

Ever expereinced something horrible and wished it was not so? It started me thinking about What if? improvements to how we live.

The following experience led to the creation of a whole new paradigm in residential communities.

This happened to me while attending Duke University in Durham, NC. I lived across the street from a dialysis clinic. I had an upstairs neighbor who was on dialysis. She was carrying something large when she tore the blood vessel in her arm where the shunt was placed. She called 911. Because she was on a blood thinner she bagan to lose blood fast and collapsed on the floor. The firemen came and could not get in. They had to hack at a double-locked steel door while she bled out on the livingroom floor. She was in such severe hypotonic shock that at least one of the responders thought she was dead. But the head Fireman said to take her to Emergency. At Duke they were able to revive her with 5 units of blood.

I thought, What if? there was a nurse in each apartment complex? What if? each nurse had a key and she could come right away and unlock the door? What if? she could stablize the resident until the EMTs arrived? What if this could be paid for in the rent, out of the funds they use for management? And what if this could also help kids with asthma? The nurse could come with oxygen. And what if this could also help diabetics during a hypoglycemic attack? The nurse could come with glucose. And what if this could also help people with angina or high blood pressure? What if? we all felt cared for where we lived? What if? we could get a well-check along with a rent receipt?

Then I thought, What if? someone doesn't do this? Well, then I will do it.

If you think this idea has merit, what services would you most want?
If you are a health care provider, Emergency nurse or nurse practioner, what are your thoughts?

I plan on doing this. I plan on getting all your input, then putting together a business plan and going forward.

I want each of us to have an Unlimited future.