Thursday, October 20, 2011

What if? Fresh Ice

I was walking through a market along the aisle that sold fresh fish laid out on ice.

And it definitely smelled of fish. And the "fishy smell" comes from the interaction of air and the flesh of the fish, with the change caused by oxydation. Fresh fish, really fresh-from-the-lake fish don't smell.

So I thought What if?

What if? I could invent an ice that would not only keep things cold but fresh as well.

And so I invented it, Fresh Ice(c). This ice contains a powerful antioxidant in the form of a vitamin. This vitamin captures O2 from the air and turns it into water. And the oxidation does not happen. This would also be good for fresh fruits and vegetables by stopping the "dried out" look and taste. And it makes carbonated drinks really fizzy!

How did I decide how much to use? I started with the recommended daily allowance (RDA) and estimated that people may eat up to a pint (half liter) of ice per day. This vitamin has a wide range of recommended values (between minimum needed and the amount that may become excessive over time). So I made it so that even if someone was able to eat 6 gallons of ice in one day, they would still be within dosage range.

Then I decided to find this vitamin in a crystallized form. It is much easier to dissolve this way. Then make ice.

It does not cost very much to do. I have run the costs of adding the vitamin from the retail costs. But if an ice-making corporation decided to this, they could add a metering chamber and add this vitamin at wholesale cost on a continous basis in those ice-making machines.

So now, I offer the world, ice that not only keeps things cold, but keeps it fresh as well. This What if? has been answered by an invention on small scale. The next is to see it put to work on a larger scale. After all, that is what good ideas are for, an unlimited future for us all.

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