Friday, October 21, 2011

What if? A new type of cookie

As I was walking along the corridors of the university, I saw a row of vending machines. The machines held a variety of cookies among other things. When I saw the cookies, I thought, "Wow, it would be nice to have milk and cookies." But there was no milk to be found, anywhere in that hallway, or the next; or in that building, or the next.

So I thought, What if? I could incorporate milk into a cookie? What if? I could make it stable so that it could be vended without refrigeration? And think of all the cookies which are eaten on any given day. What if? I could makes each cookie more wholesome? Added calcium, phosphorus, both bone-building nurtients. Added protein, and lipids. Protein builds all our tissues. Lipids help build the myelin sheath around each nerve and the majority of our brain matter.

So I invented two ways to incorporate milk into cookies. And then the trials, the lovely trials, in which I made these and then tasted them.

In the first trial, the dry components of non-fat milk are used. This makes a much nicer cookie than using just plain flour because the added protein tends to make a more moist cookie. I have used these trials to devise ways to make a much more nutritious flour. But that is for another post.

The second way has been to incorporate a much more condensed form of stabilized milk which is heat tolerant and survives baking. These cookies are the best!! But because they are so moist, they have a shorter shelf-life than the dry method.

I call these Cookies & Milk (c). I have been told to patent the recipe as soon as possible. I am also working on Brownies & Milk (c).

I have also received permission to make some and share with my laboratory classmates next month. Then they can post their comments here.

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